3. Camera Simulator

Lets have some fun

Our very fun Camera Simulator Beta Version is available!

You can test it. Some features and desciptions are missing , but no too long!

Attention! This is an interactive block. Follow the instructions and the icons to see where to click! 🙂

Uh-oh! Interactive sliders may not work perfectly on all touch screen devices. If you are having problems, please try again with a mouse! 🙂

What to watch out for:

  • The higher your ISO sensitivity is, the noisier/lower quality your photo will become.
  • ISO speed and sensitivity are directly proportional: higher ISO speed means higher sensitivity.
  • ISO speed always doubles as you go up, just as sensitivity does.
  • For example, with an ISO of 200 your shutter speed will be half of what you’d need with ISO 100.

By doing this you have changed the EXPOSURE VALUE by 1.

(e.g., decreasing ISO from 400 to 200 you reduce your ISO speed by 1 EV)


Whenever you can, reduce ISO sensitivity to improve the quality of your photo!

However, it’s not always possible; sometimes you have to increase your ISO to avoid using a slow shutter speed that might result in a blurred photo.

ISO speed should be the first thing you adjust when taking a photo. Just look up to see how much light you have and set your ISO on the camera accordingly.

Right, let’s move on!

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