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Online Beginner Photo Course Information

You can also read details on the product information or lesson collection page, below we focus on solutions to possible problems.

Our Online Beginner Photo Course is an “access / membership” type of training material. As soon as you buy, you will have access to the content of the lessons restricted on the websites.

We would like to draw the attention of the esteemed customers to the fact that the lessons and knowledge materials do not go out by e-mail here!

What we send by email:

The downloadable / bonus materials that are on offer.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

about the Online Beginner Course

1. Didn't you receive any emails after your purchase ?!

The most common inquiry / problem we experience!

It’s usually because you didn’t check the “I agree to send emails about my purchases” box at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, due to the GDPR provisions, we cannot keep this checked by default!


Please check your email for spam / promotional folders. This is often the case. And when it comes to this is the fastest solution for you! If you still can’t find it after the above, please write an email to our contact details on our contact page!

And please dont forget! You can acces the restricted content pages without your email! : – )

2. You do not reach the Restricted pages/lessons after purchase!

There can actually be only one reason for this, you are not logged in to our site! Once the purchase / payment is completed, access to the materials associated with your account will be created automatically!

But you have to log in to your account, this is the only way to access the materials! To do this, just go to our page and log in with your email / password pair! : -)

Then we recommend that you visit the lesson collection page!

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