How camera shutters work

How does a DSLR camera takes pictures?

Even for a rookie VisualGangster, it’s definitely useful to know how the camera’s shutter operates. As for advanced-level or professional photographers… it’s quite indispensable that they understand how this part of the camera works.

Check out the interactive tutorial below to see what happens inside your camera when you press the shutter release. A mirror, an auxiliary mirror and two separate shutter mechanisms all contribute in creating your photo. The interactive slides will explain each detail you are seeing on the images and illustrations.

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How the shutter works in DSLR cameras

A DSLR camera takes photos with the help of the mirror, the aperture mechanism, the exposure meter and the shutter. In this little interactive compilation below we will talk about this last item and explain how it operates!

Attention! This is an interactive block. Follow the instructions and the icons to see where to click! 🙂

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The main elements of a DSLR camera

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