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Here you can find every material-tutorial. We show you how to be a real VisualGangster!

VisualGangster photographic material-tutorials

Basics Materials / Lessons

The most fundamental concepts

1. ISO – Aperture – Shutter speed.

5. Lens parameter basics

Focal length & his partners in crime

9. Depth of field

Mit takar a fogalom? Egy gyors és egyszerű magyarázat! 

13. Camera modes

Mit takar a fogalom?

2. The exposure triangle

The interaction between the ISO – Aperture – Shutter 

6. Lens parameter 2.

Markings, and how to choose/pick/buy a lens

10. Depth of field 2.


14. Composition

Central, diagonal, golden ratio & rule of third

3. Camera Simulator

Test you skills young PadavanGangster

7. Fullframe and APS-C

Differences, Advantages and disadvantages

11. White Balance

Avagy a fehéregyensúly! 

15. Composition 2.

Practice and exercise

4. Basic exercise

That’s fun lets do this!

8. Exercises with a lens

How to use, where to stand!

12. White Balance 2.

Exercise – Practice

16. Main camera types

What to choose, how to choose!

More advanced knowledge lessons

17. Light measuring basics

Centre weighted, Spot, Matrix, Neo, Morpeus … anyway we tell you the truth

21. Photoshop - Interactive keyboard cheatsheet

Tarzan revealing all secret to Jane… i mean Photoshop secret… Jane dont scream!

18. How the shutter works

See the unseen! We show you how the shutter works!

Ami még a magyarban van:








19. Histogram

What you ALWAYS have to use

ha még ezzel kiegészítjük akkor jó haladó lehet

  • Histogram2. 
  • fény
  • póz
  • Stúdió ismeretek



20. Focus alignement

Hocus-pocus where is the focus?!

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