Instant Save - Photoshop plugin

A lightning-fast solution

One click “” solution for Photoshop. You just click the button, and your picture is saved!

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Instant Save – an ultra fast ‘save-as’ solution

Recommended for you if you:

  • You work with images regularly
  • Want to speed up you work processes
  • Want to make using Photoshop easier and faster
  • You are a Windows or Mac user

    This is what the panel looks like in Photoshop

    Photoshop built in save vs. Instant Save

    Please click and view the image in large size

    Instant Save – an ultra fast, one click, ‘save-as’ solution

    In the attached picture you can see how much time and effort our software will save you!

    Highly recommended if you work regularly with images and Photoshop.

    You can save up to hours a month ELLENŐRIZNI_NYELVTAN

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    Customer support

    1. We’ve been devoting a lot of attention and effort to the customer support of our plugins. All of the products have their own “helping” pages with dedicated information.
    2. The support page for the Instant Save plugin is available here >>

    Money back guarantee

    This is very simple:

    if it turns out you don’t like the product you bought and you inform us about this within

    20 calendar days, we pay back the price of concerned products without asking any questions!

    Why it is worth buying from us

    Put it where you like in Photoshop

    Please click and view the image in large size

    Get this product now at a discounted price!

    $ 49

    How to buy and install the product


    1. Add the product to the cart
    2. Go to Checkout and pay for the product

    Download & install:

    1. Download the .zip file included in the “successful purchase” email
    2. You can get help with the installation on our YouTube channel in the following videos
      • >> for Windows or
      • >> for Mac operating systems And/Or >> click here for a PDF guide << about installation and activation
    3. But you can also visit our Product Support page created for the same purpose
    4. The downloaded file includes all software necessary for the installation

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Can I use it on Windows and/or Mac?
    A: Yes our software is compatible with both operating systems

    Q: “My Photoshop isn’t legit. Will I be able to use the software?”
    A: Yes, you will be able to use it. You can use our system regardless of whether it is installed on a licensed system or not.

    Q: I want to use it on a desktop PC and a laptop. Is this possible?
    A: Yes! You can install it on two computers at the same time.
    FYI: you can always install it on a third computer, but then the system will log off from the first computer. If you install it on a fourth computer, it logs off from the second computer, etc.

    What the heck is a PLUGIN?

    To put it very simply, our software is an official Photoshop “extension”. Once you install it, our software’s skills are added to those of the main program and it gets its own panel within Photoshop – see the images! 

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