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Software support – Manual Installation

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Did you receive an error message from EXTENSION MANAGER? Can’t install the plugin you purchased?

No problem! Let’s show you what to do!

In all such cases, a so-called “manual installation” is required.

The following page shows you how to install our software painlessly and easily if for some reason the included installer does not work. We use the Magic Sharpen plugin for the presentation, but of course this is true for any of our plugins!

The steps are as follows:
  1. Turn off Photoshop
  2. Locate the installation .zxp file, for example: InstantSave.zxp or MagicSharpen.zxp

See the image below. If the look of the icon is different it is not a problem!

3. The extension of a specific .zxp file must be changed to .zip

So you have to rewrite from .zxp to .zip
To do this, the file extension should be visible (if the icon looks different, that’s not a problem!)

Just click on the file name as if you want to rename it and overwrite zxp to zip!

a warning window will appear stating that the renamed file coulb be unusable. No worries >> keep going >> click to Ok or Yes or Continue

If you did it well the file named before MagicSharpen.zxp it is now

Important! Do not confuse this ZIP with the one you had download from our site!! The filename and the location could be similar!

Step 4. Unzip this ZIP file to a new folder!

So you have to right click on the ZIP file and from the options that appear choose, “Extract to New Folder; Extract here (in new folder) must be selected.

If you do not see such an option, use the Extract all… options to extract it and put the result in a folder if necessary. Name the folder correctly >> IMPORTANT THAT there is NO space in the folder name !!!

We’re here in – This is how it should look

At the right you see the zip file. And on the left you see the extracted content in a folder

Possibility of an error - Your antivirus software will detect a virus after it has been extracted

We know from customer feedback that the Windows “Factory” Virus Scanner (and so far only) identifies one of the downloaded files as a virus

Let’s be clear: this is a false alarm!!

Problem: If that file is quarantined by your antivirus software, the program will not work.

Solution: Turn off Windows’ built-in antivirus during installation (you can safely turn it back on afterwards)

Here’s how:

English Windows:

Start menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection> Manage settings (or older Windows Virus & threat protection settings
Set the Real-time protection switch to Off.

Re-extract the contents of the ZIP file

Once Windows has quarantined one of the files, it will remain there when you turn off the antivirus. If you have disabled the antivirus, you will need to decompress the ZIP file again, see step 3 above!

Step 5. Copy this new folder here >>

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Adobe \ CEP \ Extensions \

You should get the above end result roughly.

But if you have installed our InstantSave software, the folder name can also be InstantSave-ENG or InstantSave_v.1.6 >>

The folder name only has a meaning that does not contain any accented letters or spaces

The next time you start Photoshop, the installed software should be visible within the Window >> Window Extensions menu.

From now on, the software must be usable as if it had been installed with the included installer! 🙂

Good luck with your use!

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