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Welcome to our Online Photography Course!

Below you’ll find all lessons pertaining to the VisualGangsters’ Photo Knowledge Base and to our Online Photography Course for Beginners.

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Our Online Photography Course for Beginners includes:

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  • Educational material gradually progressing from beginner level toward advanced knowledge;
  • A unique, international approach to photography instruction;
  • Interactive material in 18 lessons >> edutainment games and animations;
  • More than 10 additional articles and infographics in various exciting topics that complement our course material;
  • !Hundreds! of illustrating images and figures—we show, not just tell!

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1. Tech Basics

ISO, aperture, shutter speed
(and how they relate to each other)

These beginner lessons introduce the most basic photography terms and concepts.


As you learn the meaning of various numbers and markings on your camera, you’ll get to know how use your equipment!

1. Tech basics

ISO, aperture, shutter speed: the Holy Trinity of photography. The foundation of all things!

Super-effective interactive lesson

Let’s see >>

2. The exposure triangle

Discover how the 3 key pillars affect each other

A must-know lesson with colorful interactive stuff

Onward to discovery >>

3. Camera simulator

Test your newly acquired knowledge on our self-developed simulator!

I’ll bite >>

A brilliant practical lesson to get the hang of these all-important tech basics:

4. Get to know your camera!

2. Image creation / camera lenses

Focal length, angle of view, and some advice on choosing your next camera lens

Lenses are the elementary tools of image creation. Time to get familar with them! 🙂

5. Focal length

The properties and markings of camera lenses.

Basic terms, focal length, angle of view

I’ll check it now >>


6. The properties of camera lenses

Markings, measurements and other factors you need to know about lenses

Practical guidance on purchasing a new lens

I’m intrigued >>


7. Full-frame vs. APS-C systems

When to use which?!

Animated lesson

Bring it on >>


Phase II practical lesson:

Lesson 8 >> A practical guide to camera lenses

3. Depth of field and White Balance

Learn to control and use this superb photography tool to take better photos!

After acquiring the necessary technical knowledge, now it’s time to master a few more advanced lessons!

9. Depth of field 101

A simple and clear explanation on what depth of field is and how it works. Learn to emphasize your main subject!

Proceed >>

10. Depth of field in practice

A handy guide on how to apply depth of field in various situations

I’m curious >>

11. White Balance

Let us show you how to take charge of the colors in your photographs!

Let’s get down to it >>

Phase III practical lessons:

The depth of field practical lesson is in fact our Lesson 10 (see above)!

12. White balance in practice

Lesson 11 on white balance (see above) is followed by a practical lesson dedicated to white balance excercises.

13. Camera modes

Get the most out of your camera! All-encompassing 2in1 lesson including theory and practice. 

Phase IV: Composition

How to compose your photo? The golden ratio, central and symmetrical compositions

Photographic composition

A clear and understandable explanation on how to compose your photo for the best effect.

Our well-tried VisualGangsters guide will show you step-by-step how to take better, more attractive photos with truly minimal effort!

14. Composition theory

Basic guidelines and techniques: how to arrange your photo?

Diagonal, central, golden ratio >> When to use which?!

Details >>

15. Composition in practice:

Phase V: Miscellaneous – Camera stuff – Important stuff

Prefocusing – How camera shutters work – Exposure metering

16. Camera types

Read our ultimate guide to camera types! How to choose the camera that would suit you best?

I want to know >>

17. Exposure metering

How does your camera measure the light? How can you make sure you set the right exposure?

Let’s go >>

18. How camera shutters work

You might not be able to see it how this mysterious mechanism works, but it’s worth reading about it!

Let’s see the invisible >>

19. The histogram

What is a histogram, and why is everyone so crazy about it? (Hint: because it’s a fantastic tool!)

Okay, I’m in >>

20. Prefocusing

An exciting focusing method professionals use all the time

I want to know about it >>