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This course is perfect for you if…

  • you’d like to know more about photography;
  • you’d like to handle your camera with confidence;
  • you’d like to become familiar with principal terms like ISO, aperture and shutter speed;
  • you’d like to learn the ropes of photographic composition and lighting;
  • you’re a beginner and you’d like to get to a more advanced level.

It’s worth its price because…

  • Photography gear is expensive—yet it’s worth nothing if you don’t know how to use it. The fee of a tutorial course is truly minuscule compared to the investment you have to make to get the right technical accessories, but some training can go a long way in helping you become a better photographer.

  • Don’t like wasting your time? Then don’t waste it trying to get the hang of things on your own. Counting on the law of large numbers while capturing thousands of photos and waiting for accidentally getting something good? Nah…
  • With the help of this course you can start building your portfolio >> set up a professional Facebook or Instagram profile to attract more costumers

  • We have been perfecting this training material for the past 20 years. This is not our first rodeo—and you are definitely not our guinea pig!

  • Today there is no similar course on the international market that offers this level of professional knowledge with such an extensive interactive material. We have invested several hundreds of coding hours to help you become better!

  • We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you think something’s amiss, we will refund your course fee right away, no questions asked. (A special 30-day deadline applies to the month of December.)





Our Online Photography Course for Beginners includes:

  • 27 clearly worded, understandable, professional lessons;
  • Educational material gradually progressing from beginner level toward advanced knowledge;
  • A unique, international approach to photography instruction;
  • Interactive material in 18 lessons >> edutainment games and animations;
  • More than 10 additional articles and infographics in various exciting topics that complement our course material;
  • !Hundreds! of illustrating images and figures—we show, not just tell!

Bonuses with your purchase:

  • High-resolution Tech Basics cheat-sheet
  • Lighting and posing manual (PDF)
  • 10 useful Photoshop tricks (PDF)
  • Photoshop keyboard know-how as a screen wallpaper
  • 10% discount for any of our webshop products
Online Photography Course for Beginners: Detailed Content
1. ISO – Aperture – Shutter speed
Get to know the basics!
10. Depth of field in practice
Practice makes it perfect
19. The histogram
A bulletproof tool to become your best sidekick
2. The exposure triangle
A must-know lesson when it comes to photography
11. White balance
Take charge of the colors in your photographs!
20. Prefocusing
A basic trick when it comes to focusing
3. Camera simulator
A handy little interactive excercise
12. White balance in practice
It’s easy as pie
21. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts
4. Tech basics
A practical lesson to test your knowledge
13. Camera modes
What to use them for and when
5. The properties of camera lenses 1
The tools of image creation, when to use which lens
14. Photographic composition
How to create and arrange image elements
6. The properties of camera lenses 2
Markings and measurements
15. Composition in practice
Get into (com)position to start! 🙂
7. Full-frame vs. APS-C systems
What’s the difference? How to decide what to get?
16. Camera types
How to choose the camera that would suit you best?
8. The properties of camera lenses 3
Excercises to master your lenses
17. Exposure metering
Everything you need to know about metering
9. Depth of field 101
A great way to emphasize your subject
18. How camera shutters work
Learn more about this crucial mechanism inside your camera


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65 USD

Now only for: 49 USD

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All of these are patented infographics, animations and illustrations, which we have developed to help you become a better photographer! 🙂

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You will gain access to every lesson of our Photo tutorial collection

Our Index page will take you from beginner level toward advanced knowledge

65 USD

Now only for: 49 USD

The Online Photography Course for Beginners in our webshop >>

This is how we do education – click on the images to enlarge them!

Patented infographics, animations and illustrations to help you become a better photographer! 🙂

Who we are—the people behind the course

We have been teaching photography and visual research for over 20 years. Our community at is a well-known and highly regarded educational hub within the Hungarian photography scene.

Our training system relies on effective interactive tools, animations and infographics, thus constituting a unique, international approach to photography instruction. We have assembled this course utilizing several of these well-researched and tested materials.

The fact that various private or vocational photography schools apply our training method illustrates just how effective our course material is!

The primary author and editor of this course material is Bence Márton Gyulai, but several other professionals have contributed to help achieve its final form.

Editor-in-Chief of the Online Beginner Photography Course:

Bence Márton Gyulai is a multiple international grand prize-winning photographer, photography teacher, regular invited speaker at photography events, and the flag bearer of quality photography education!