Interactive Photoshop & Lightroom Keyboard Cheatsheet

Faster and easier with our beloved softwares

We developed for You a preatty usefull Interactive Photoshop Keyboard Cheatsheet

This Interactive Photoshop material will help you a lot to use the software more deliberately! With the help of our software you can use Photoshop faster and easier.
Thatshow you can learn more function and your work and workflow will look more professional !

It “can speak Lightroom too” 🙂 just switch the button

How to use:

  1. Look for the shortcut functions on keyboard letters! They reveal many-many usefull options
  2. Switch the CTRL – SHIFT or ALT buttons
  3. and look again 😀
  4. look for the mouse options at the bottom of the material

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About the author:

Bence Gyulai is a photographer and professional photography teacher. Grand Prize-winning photographer of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, regular invited speaker at photography events, founder and host of  More info & images >>

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