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Software/Photoshop plugin support center page

Use the step-by-step wizard below to easily find the information you are looking for or install your purchased software! 

Here you will find detailed information about the following products


Photoshop plugins/softwares:

INSTANT SAVE         –        MAGIC SHARPEN        –         SUPER SHADOW

If the product you have purchased is not listed here, please go back to the >> Customer Support – Center Page


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The software support subpages, outline table of contents:

  1. Software Support Home – You are here.
  2. Software Support Page 2 – Download and Unzip
  3. Software Support Page 3 – Installer setup
    – Install on Windows
    – Install on Apple – Mac
  4. Software Support Page 4 – Activating the plugin

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

about the purchased softwares/plugins

1. System Requirements - Compatibility

For Windows / macOS:
Make sure you install the software for the correct version of Photoshop ! Currently we support the following versions:

  • CC 2016 – Product Support Discontinued (May 2020)
  • CC 2017 – Product Support Discontinued  (May 2021)
  • CC 2018
  • CC 2019
  • CC 2020
  • CC 2021
  • CC 2022

Here’s a guide to finding your version of Photoshop – in another “accordion”!

Free Extension Manager software is required to install our add-ons / plugins, you will receive it from us, it will be sent to you with the downloads

It can be installed in any language software environment.

Internet connection is required to activate our add-ons / plugins.

Disk space required for installation:

  • Instant Save plugin: 100MB
  • Magic Sharpen plugin: 100MB
  • Super Shadow plugin: 100MB
2. Do you need help to activate?

You can find help on activating installed software on a dedicated page.

3. How do I know which version of Photoshop I'm using?

Check the Windows – Start menu and see the name of the installed software:


In this case, the machine has both CC2019 and CC2020 Photoshop installed

(Just be aware that this is the name of the software and not the version number!)

If you are unsure of the version of Photoshop you are using, just go to Photoshop >> Help menu -> About Photoshop… inside Photoshop and find the answer, but watch out !!

Don’t let Photoshop’s stupid naming system go beyond your mind!

The above description tells you the PS VERSION NUMBER and not the name of the software. The two items, on the other hand, ARE EXTREMELY SIMILAR !!!

So the version number is listed in the Help / About.. menu item The name of this version
19.x Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
20.x Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
21.x Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
22.x Adobe Photoshop CC 2021
4. Does the add-on/plugin panel not appear in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, click Window >> Extension >> Instant Save (or the name of the add-on you purchased).
This will open the add-on panel, click on it and you can use it after activation

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