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page 2 - Download and UnZip

If you have purchased any of our plugins, the following steps are required to use the software

The installation has 4 main steps

  1. Download the product that you purchased
  2. UnZip the package
  3. Start the installer and install
  4. Activate on the first use


Starting the Installation


Step 1 >> Download the installation files!

1.2  You will find the download links in the “Your xy Order Completed” email sent after your purchase or…

1.3 at any time after purchase

    • if you go to “My account” at and log in
    • and in the menu on the left click on “DOWNLOADS” (see image below, which can be enlarged)
You do not see the email that closed your purchase?

You may not see the email confirming your purchase. In this case, check the Promotions, Spam folders. If it’s not there, you probably didn’t check the “I agree to send emails related to my purchase” checkbox at the time of purchase, which we CANNOT keep checked by default due to GDPR regulations.

Solution: no problem, you can still download & install it in the same way, see point 1.3!

Step 1.4: click on the “Download – Files” button of the product(s) you have purchased – see in the image below

Attention! You will only see the products you have purchased!

Step 1.5: You can download a .ZIP file in the pop-up window. This .ZIP file contains the files required for installation. (see image below)

Eg: MagicSharpen.ZIP or InstantSave.ZIP

Attention: ALWAYS wait for the full download. This may depend on the speed of your internet connection

Step 2 – Extract the downloaded files

Step 2.1:  RIGHT CLICK on the downloaded file. The mouse right button submenu appears.
This submenu varies slightly from machine to machine, but the point is to extract the contents of the packaged .ZIP file.

You can see a sight similar to the one below >> here select the .ZIP >> Extract here option. Of course, the “Extract to Folder” options are also a good thing to do.

Step 2.2: Verification 

If the .zip unpacking is successful, you should see the following files somewhere:

  • One file with a .ZXP extension with the approximate name of your purchased product, eg. MagicSharpen.ZXP or InstantSave.ZXP
  • A “Link to the products installation guide” shortcut file that takes you to our Customer Support Center
  • One “Extension Manager WIN” folder on >> WINDOWS
    One “Extension Manager MAC” folder >> for APPLE / MACINTOSH systems
    See pictures below but watch out !!

The appearance may differ depending on your operating system and settings and the softwares previously installed on your computer. This is obviously not a problem!


If yes, you can start the installation! 

(If not, scroll to the bottom)

If you are on Windows continue here!

If you are on MAC continue here!


If you have trouble, scroll back to that section and read through the text carefully. You can also find help above

This is a simple part, presumably just escaping your attention, hoping to start learning fast, which we fully understand : -)

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