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page 3 - Mac Installation

Software support – Page 3 – Installing on Macintosh/Apple Machines

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Step 3 – Start the installation software

3.0 Info Step – To understand the process, we will now install the software that can handle, add and remove the Photoshop plugins, that is, the software (s) you purchased.

Step 3.1:   SWITCH OFF THE PHOTOSHOP if it is turned on

Step 3.2: Go to the “Extension Manager Mac” Folder and install the within

3.3 Step – In Apple OS that usually goes by if you drag&drop the file to the Application element on the left (see image below)

Step 3.5 – Start the application

Step 3.6 – If a question pops up: “Are you sure you open this file” >> click Yes/Open

4. also the final step of the installation of the purchased plugin:

In this step, the Extension Manager adds your purchased plugin to Photoshop

The Extension Manager program opens! Within it, on the left, it will list the installed ADOBE software (Adobe is the company that makes a lot of the software) including Photoshop!

Step 4.1 –  Select Photoshop with the mouse on the left. So your add-on will settle here

Step 4.2 Then click the Install button. A file browser window will appear. Look for the .ZXP file you downloaded previously. Eg: InstantSave.zxp or MagicSharpen.zxp

  • select the .zxp file with a single mouse click
  • then press the OPEN button in the window.
Possible Error - Photoshop is not listed

If the Extension Manager doesn’t print the Photoshop Program on the left, you probably have an illegal version or an accented character in the program path!


Solution: You need our manual installation option! There was no computer yet on which we could not put our software on. Here’s how it goes:

Manual installation description >>

4.4 Verification step:

If all went well, you will receive a confirmation message that the installation was successful. And you can also see the add-on you installed on the right. If your Photoshop was running on the fly, restart it now or you won’t see the add-on!

Succesfull installation!

In the window above, we installed our Magic Sharpen plugin, but of course we could have had any other plugins!

Installation last verification step >>

Start your Photoshop and make sure you find the product you bought in the Window menu >> Extensions! (see image above)

If everything is OK, proceed to the activation with the button below!

Failed? Is there a problem? >> Scroll a little lower!

Did you receive an error message? – Installation failed?

There are two main possible errors here:

1. If the installation went without an error message or with a SUCCESSFULLY Installation message, but you can’t find the plugin in Photoshop. Than your Photoshop version is probably not supported >> please go back to the Software Support main page and check the System Requirements section there ( can be found at the bottom of the page)!

We also write about compatibility on the product sales pages!

Solution: switch to another supported Photoshop version


2. If the installation software already tells you that the installation failed. eg: Unsucessfull, Error, Failed words are included during and after installation. Although it is more alarming at first, the solution is easy.

The Extension Manager Program is not developed by us. Unfortunately, most installation problems are related to this.

In this second case there is no problem leaving for another 5 minutes and we will solve it differently! Click the button below:

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