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Software support – Page 4 – Activating

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Step 5 – Activate the software

5.1 Start Photoshop!

5.2 Launch the plugin you installed within Photoshop by going to Window menu >> Extensions and clicking on the plugin name to launch.

5.3 The accessory window opens. Within that, the activation panel will almost pop up. So all you have to do is enter: your purchase email address and your license code. 

You can activate the software with your email address at the time of purchase and the license code you received in the email!

If you accidentally enchant the activation part with a few clicks, either close and reopen the add-in Photoshop panel, or go to the help button at the bottom of the add-on window:

If the activation is successful, there is nothing left but…

… We wish you good luck and good user experiences!
If you have any problems scroll a little lower…


Subsequent license checks:

  • In the future, if you start the plugin, it will check if the product is licensed. If the check fails because you don’t have internet yet, there’s no problem with the add-on left for a long time.
  • If you often start without an internet connection, it will cancel after a while if you cannot verify it. 

Attention, this does not mean that the activation / license key you received will expire. As soon as you have an Internet connection again, you can continue to use the plugin with the same activation / license key you originally received!

Did you receive an error message? – Activation failed?

  • Are you sure you entered your email address / License Code pair correctly?
  • If you have purchased more than one product, then you may have swapped the license key for one product with another !?
  • Internet is required for activation! Make sure everything’s okay with the net?
  • is the Caps Lock keyboard not turned on?
  • if you can’t type @, there is a separate button in the panels to insert it!

If the activation window doesn’t pop up in Photoshop >> just close and reopen the panel. This should pop up the activation option.

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