Terms of Use:

If the buyer withdraws from the purchase in writing within 20 days of the purchase, the purchase price will be refunded in one installment without any further conditions.



Checkout + Data privacy policy

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Gyulai Bence Márton EV. /Hungary 1035 Budapest Baba utca 1./ in the user database of [https://visualgangsters.com] will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 30-32.) and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following:

Data transmitted by the trader:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address

The purchase price is affordable if you have placed your order with a credit card.

1. Clicking the “Payment” button will take you to the SimplePay payment page where you start the transaction by entering your credit card details.

2. After entering the card details, verify that the data is correct.

3. Transaction processing starts in bank processing systems.

4. You will be notified of the payment result by email and will return to the service provider’s website.


The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link: http://simplepay.hu/vasarlo-aff

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